Customization page

11.04.2012 I think, everybody wanted to see this page finished. Hurrah, I've made it! ))) Hope I didn't forget anything.
Я думаю, все хотели увидеть эту страницу законченной. Ура, я это сделала! Надеюсь, я ничего не забыла.

Customization page

Debi 12.04.2012
Oh, I'm glad you updated it - I think I chose the wrong body type on my order form >.< Oh well, we can change it when my turn comes ^-^ I'm glad you put a picture of the skin tones too, they are all really beautiful! It will be hard to choose...
Diana 12.04.2012
Ohhhhhh, the Customization-Page looks so beautiful! Sadly I can not speak or write Russia... Did you get my email about a custom-doll???

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