Moscow Fair 2012

10.02.2012 Did you know, that Gentle creation will be on Moscow Fair 2012, 29 March-1 April? So, I invite you with all my heart. I'll be glad to see you, friends ^__^
Вы знали, что Gentle creation будут на Moscow Fair 2012 с 29 марта по 1 апреля? Так что, я сердечно приглашаю вас. Буду рада увидеться с вами, друзья ^__^

Jose 29.04.2012
What's it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yuosrlef?
Yuka 28.04.2012
Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so ohetrs don't have to.
Darsy 03.03.2012
Haven't visited you for a while, and there is surprise, good luck to your doll show, always here support you. ^_^
Ответ:  Hi =^__^= I am very glad to see u here. As u see, I'm trying to blog in English =) I hope it's not toooooo terrible >.>

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